Kids' Reptile Parties - Bringing Matt's Favorite Creatures To Your Home Or Party Venue!

More Than A Mobile Reptile Petting Zoo, Reptile Viking Is An Immersive Experience!

A show about reptiles? Reptile birthday parties?

What does that have to do with Balloons (or face painting-or entertainment for that matter)?

For years now I’ve been looking forward to the day when I could merge my passion for reptiles with our entertainment business, and now I have – it’s called Reptile Viking!

28 years ago I had my first encounter with a living, breathing dragon – it was a garter snake that was longer than I was tall! 

Something about the way it moved through the grass and how its scales felt just captivated my 4 year old imagination.

Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with these amazing, scaly creatures and I’m writing this post today to let you know about a funny, entertaining and educational show that we at Jellyfish Entertainment put on about reptiles.

A Fun, Entertaining, and Educational Reptile Show!

It’s called Reptile Viking and we’ve been bringing it to birthday parties, libraries, day cares, and preschools all over the metro area!

It’s about a Viking named Thormar who became obsessed about fire breathing dragons as a kid and decided to travel the world searching for them. He has yet to find a “big terrifying dragon” but he did find their cousins – mini dragons we know as reptiles. 

He has brought them in his Viking ship (a fun prop we made) and during the show he brings them out and tells the kids all about each amazing animal.

He keeps the kids on the edges of their seats, waiting to see what he’s going to pull out next!

He talks about what these creatures do to live, eat, and survive attacks from predators out in the wild.

How they grow and shed their skins, and how they can eat massive meals all one in gulp!

Truth is stranger than fiction and Thormar has many hilariously silly stories to tell the kids about these incredible animals.

From start to finish, our show is an immersive, fun experience that the kids will remember. 

My name is Matt Otis, and at 32 years old my passion for reptiles is still going strong! As a young boy I kept several different types of snakes and frogs as pets and learned everything I could about these animals that I loved so much.

I even studied conservation biology in College and took courses in Herpetology and Entomology!

As an adult I became very active in the reptile keeping hobby, joined the MN Herpetological Society, and have been keeping many different species. I love interacting with them and providing fun habitats for them!

I have seen many different animal presentations. The animals are always amazing, and kids love seeing them, but the animals alone only hold their attention for so long.

Talking about animal facts for long periods of time does hold the attention of the kids who are really into animals (like I was!), but for the rest of the kids in the audience, well . . . they get distracted and start fidgeting and making noise!

They stop paying attention and pretty soon it’s difficult for anyone in the room to listen to the presenter or get anything out of the presentation!

That’s why I came up with my show Reptile Viking. I really want everyone to start appreciating reptiles, even people who are currently afraid or grossed out by them! It’s my hope that my show can start to change minds and hearts and lead to the conservation of these animals that I love so much.

I realize though that just talking about reptiles, and facts about them, can be dull for kids. So, my goal is to put on a really engaging, funny show that get’s the kids excited, laughing, AND learning at the same time.
I feel that with Reptile Viking I have hit that goal!


Please take a look at our Reptile Viking page here and give us a call at 763-360-5889. We’d love to get you on the calendar and bring Reptile Viking to your (birthday party, library, preschool, daycare)!

~ Matt Otis

“For all of you who have met Matt, you know that his passion, his energy, and his entire nature scream teacher. He loves bringing knowledge, and thereby power, to the people with whom he interacts. And he does it in a way that makes people excited to learn. When he’s talking about his animals, everyone wants to listen. And he wants nothing more than to teach kids the joys that come along with animals, conservation, and caring for the world around us.

He especially wants to teach kids that reptiles and amphibians aren’t just slimy, slithery things to fear-but incredible animals that play important roles in nature and even our lives!

Not everyone can find these animals in the wild (And if you did, you might not want to touch them!), and seeing the animals in their cages at the zoo is awesome, but it’s a totally different experience than being able to hold, touch, maybe even feed an animal. Can you imagine petting the shell of a snapping turtle? Holding a 6 foot Boa constrictor? Feeding a dragon?

Here are a few of the family members in Matt’s show:

Turdy the friendly snapping turtle
Mango the super chill bearded dragon
George the western hognose snake
Reptar the Leopard Gecko
Agatha the Cane toad
Luana the Colombian Boa

Our live animal birthday show is 30 minutes long. During this time, we entertain everyone with hilarious animal stories, while letting your guests interact with and appreciate these amazing animals! Your guests will have plenty of time to ask us any questions they have about our reptiles, or about animals in general.

They will also have many opportunities to safely interact with our animals during the show.

The special birthday person will get to be the star of the show (if they want to!) and will get the chance to help us present the show and hold a lot of our reptiles.

We bring up to 8 animals for your guests to meet and interact with during the show. On top of that, we will also give your birthday boy or girl a one of a kind balloon reptile to keep! We LOVE making these amazing animals out of balloons.

All the rest of your guests will receive a fun toy lizard or snake to bring home with them.

See you at your next event!”

Jelly Otis

Jellyfish Entertainment


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