From Blazing Balloons To Jellyfish Entertainment!

Photo by Karan Karnik on Unsplash

Well it’s official, we’ve changed our name from Blazing Balloons to Jellyfish Entertainment!

Now, why would we go and do something like that?

Well there are a few reasons. We wanted to have a more inclusive name for all of our entertainment services, we wanted something less generic sounding that reflected our personalities, and we wanted a name so unique that we wouldn’t be mistaken for any other entertainment business out there!

Blazing Balloons was a great name when we first started.

Not only did we make awesome balloon designs, but we did it quickly! We still love balloon art and are more skilled and faster than ever, but now we offer so much more.

We have become a full-service event entertainment company offering face painting, glitter tattoos, and a live reptile show!

The name Blazing Balloons just wasn’t big enough anymore.

Jelly started this company, and it’s fitting that she is now part of the business’ name! Jelly has always loved the water and swimming. She was on the swimming team in high school and Jellyfish is something she has been called since she was kid.

It’s fitting also that I (Matt) love to fish! I also love all sorts of different animals, especially reptiles, so I like that our name now has an animal element to it.

Lastly, while I thought I was being inventive when I came up with the name Blazing Balloons, since we started the company other “Blazing Balloons” have popped up. One is in the UK so it’s not that big of a deal, but another is from just two states over and we regularly get calls from people there in Illinois wanting to book a party.

Unfortunately, we don’t travel to Illinois, it’s just a bit too far!

So re-branding is a change that we are excited about. We love the new logo and what it represents! We are doing everything possible to not lose anyone in the transition and we look forward to being at your future events.

We’re swimming in smiles!

Matt & Jelly Otis
Jellyfish Entertainment

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