The Best Birthday EVER!


Throwing a fun birthday party can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Parents, we know how hard it is to keep coming up with new ideas for birthday parties, but there’s an easy way to keep your party fresh and exciting…

…with live, interactive entertainment by Jellyfish Entertainment! 

We provide amazing balloon art and face painting! 

Our entertainment is fast, highly skilled, and most importantly, FUN! You can choose any or all of these services to create the perfect birthday party for your needs. 

Once you have decided on the services you want, click the book now button below to get a quote tailored to your specific event, or give us a call at 417-247-9376.

*Now offering contact free balloon deliveries!

Balloon-Art For Birthdays

Balloon art is how we got started in family entertainment, consequently balloons mean a lot to us! 

We love coming up with new designs and seeing the wonder in kids’ and even adults’ faces when they see what we come up with. 

Part of the fun of doing balloons is the new requests we get every day, and the challenge of creating what our guests love! 

We can make ANYTHING your birthday child or guests request, and we love seeing their reactions when we bring their favorite things to life as balloon shapes. 

Our balloons are intricate, creative, and very fast for the level of complexity. Most importantly though, kids and adults LOVE them!

Here's Some Of Our Deluxe Designs!


Our balloon art for birthday parties reaches 10 people in an hour’s time. 

During this time we entertain everyone with hilarious banter and balloon “magic” tricks, while twisting your guests’ favorite characters and animals before their eyes! 

Each child gets to ask for whatever they want, we don’t bring a set list, their imagination is the only limit! The special birthday person gets to be the star of the party by receiving a specially designed “deluxe” balloon shape that we pre-make and present to them when we arrive at your venue. 

Some of these shapes are featured in the image slider above. Just remember, we can make anything so choose wisely!

Face Painting For Birthdays


Your birthday child and guests will love how they look with our intricate and unique face paint designs.

We only use the highest quality, cosmetic grade face paints that are skin safe and allergen free. We have yet to see a bad reaction after doing hundreds of events. Not only that, but we also use strict hygiene practices to make sure your children stay safe from other kids’ germs!

Our birthday party face painting covers up to 10 people in an hour’s time. Each child gets to ask for any design they want, we have many examples to choose from, or they can make a special request! 

The birthday person gets to be the star of the party. 

Not only do they get to be the first person to get their face painted, but they will also receive a specially designed “deluxe” balloon shape that we pre-make and present to them when we arrive at your venue! So even if you only hire us for face painting, your birthday child will still receive a deluxe balloon shape when we arrive at the party!

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