Glitter Tattoos

Fast, Fun, and Flashy!

There aren’t many things in life more fleeting than face paint at a pool party . . . so we have a better option for wet situations – Glitter tattoos!


I was a volunteer at St.Cloud’s Art Crawl, and I was paired up with Jelly to help her in any way. She was so amazing to work with and her “easy” designs were loved by all! It was so much fun to be around her and watch her work her magic!!!

Kristen Huck

Glitter tattoos are a great addition to any event and have one main advantage over face painting – they will last around a week before fading away! 

This will allow your guests to share with their friends the fun that they had at your event for days after it happened. 

Another great thing about glitter tattoos is that they are a bit quicker to apply than face painting. 

With glitter tattoos we guarantee that we can reach 30+ kids an hour. 

So if you have more kids than we can reach with balloons or face painting in a hour, but don’t want to pay for two hours of entertaining, glitter tattoos can be a great way to provide something fun for your guests while still staying within your budget!

Glitter tattoos are done by applying skin safe body glue in a specific design on your guests’ skin. We either freestyle this design, or use a stencil to get the desired shape. Then we add glitter to the glue in different combinations to make an eye catching, fun design that your guests will love!

This tattoo will be water and sweat resistant, allowing your guests to keep their temporary tattoo through the day’s festivities and well into their week!

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